The Science of Food

Here’s our show on the Science of Food…

Seattle chefs talk about their passion

In this next episode we talk to local chefs; Derek Simcik from Scout PNW, Eric Rivera from Bookstore Bar, Daisley Gordon from Cafe Campagne and Zack and Seth Pacleb from Brothers Catering about the science of food, thoughts on GMO, cutting edge food trends, and other food related topics.


“Molecular gastronomy” was named by an Oxford physicist Nicholas Kurti and a French chemist Hervé This in 1988. One chef mentions someone else which is incorrect.

Audio Edits

We had too much audio this show and had a few technical glitches. One such glitch happened during the interview with chef Daisley Gordon, but I still wanted to make the audio available:

Food Nutrition

We discuss food nutrition, diets and trends with professor Sue Jackels of Seattle University.

Miracle Berry

This is a berry that causes sour foods to become sweet. At neutral pH, miraculin (natural sugar substitute) binds and blocks the receptors, and at low pH (caused from eating sour foods) miraculin binds proteins and becomes able to activate the sweet receptors, which makes sour things taste sweet.

This fruit has been used in West Africa since the 18th century. The fruit is used to sweeten palm wine and has been known to be used to improve the flavor of soured cornbread.

On the packaging it says it’s good for people who have diabetes and for chemo patients. Apparently it will take the metallic taste (from radiation) away. It says the berry lasts 30 minutes, but I had four and it lasted a few hours.

We conducted a miracle berry tasting, or food experiment, with Chef Eric Rivera in a “food bunker” below his restaurant  and had very interesting results.

Sonoma Wineries

I took a trip to Sonoma and talked to a handful of wineries about why food and wine pair well together. Two wineries in particular shared valuable information about food and wine pairings (I might have had a little too much wine in these interviews); Miramar Estate and Balletto Vineyards.

Special Food Surprises……

We all brought a special food “surprise” to try among each other.

  • KC brought a 1,000-year egg and it was not so good. I think I gagged while trying to eat it.
  • I brought spicy pickled lemons – those weren’t so great.
  • Chad brought Zapp’s chips….nom nom. (That was a highlight of our food tasting).

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