On this show we explored survivalism, which included information on survival skills, preparation for natural disasters, survival stories, and we explored the physical and mental impact of being in survival situations.

Experiment Failure

As always we tried an experiment – making our own bow drill (which was a failure)….maybe because we weren’t really prepared and thought it would be easier than it was. Matches are the way to go!


We interviewed Jason Knight, the founder of Alderleaf Wilderness College. The college offers nature and wilderness survival education along with free links and resources online.

He taught us about the rule of three. Humans can survive for:

  • 3 minutes without air
  • 3 hours without a regulated body temperature
  • 3 days without water
  • 3 weeks without food

The top 5 edible plants in the NW:

  • Cattails (this one was a big surprise)
  • Stinging Needles (not sure I want to try this one)
  • Conifer Trees
  • All grasses
  • Salmon Berries (nom nom)

Bushcraft NW was another group we interviewed. Founder, Mike Lummio discussed workshops on urban survival and wilderness. He explained that Bushcraft means, “to live well, even thrive in the wild through the use of traditional skills from around the¬†world.”

Julie Wright, from Naked and Afraid (season 1 – Naked in Borneo) discussed her adventure on the show and in the wild, and her experiences that helped and didn’t help prepare her for the show.

Adrian Keyonnie, a crew representative and crew boss for a Native American wildland firefighter program called the Navajo Scouts, took us through his daily adventure as a firefighter. If interested in joining, check out their website.

Michael Spinetta, assistant professor of psychology at Seattle University, had a candid conversation with us about preparation, domesday preppers, panic and more.

Infographics are more fun

We talked about an article published in the Seattle Times recently that lays everything out…the good, the bad and the run like hell:

How to prepare for an earthquake
What to do after it hits


One comment to Survivalism

  • Adrian L. Keyonnie  says:

    Great show! All the Scouts say thanks for the shout out! If you ever do a show on the science of being a stupid tourist or a Halloween show on the way of the weird, I’m your man! Thanks once again.

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