Kc Franks – Writer / Director

Kc Franks moved from Eastern Washington to the Seattle area in 2000 to enter film school and pursue his creative passions. During the course of earning a degree in television and film he began working for CBS Radio where he made fast friends with Eli Christopher a local late night radio host at the time. Not long after Chad Goodwin joined CBS radio, in the subsequent years together in the trenches of Seattle radio, a long lasting friendship was forged. Kc then went to work at KOMO 4 News getting a feel for the fast paced deadline oriented world of local television news. He felt a longing to return back to a more entertainment focused industry and left television to learn the craft of managing a business and eventually took the helm of an entertainment company for 2yrs before leaving that venture to begin to assemble and build his own business.

As a writer and director Kc has formed a strong sensibility for creating story and shaping a narrative and that is what he hopes to bring to Community Science Radio. He has always been enamored with science and the scientific process as well as documentarian work. With Chad, Eli and Eric, Kc hopes to present to you the most entertaining and educational programming available from the Emerald City. As well as having fun creating great content with his close friends.

The Good Life?

Kc spends all too much of his free time helping Chad fix, build and break things. But he has a project novel that someday will be finished and though it will likely miss its goal of changing the world maybe it will entertain someone other than his mother and give someone else a new perspective. He is passionate about cars and will one day actually drive his 1965 Corvair that is still parked at Chad and Rachele’s Cabin waiting to be fully resurrected. When he is not arguing with Eli about how horrible her movie tastes are and how great his are he loves watching and analyzing the films of today and being a classically Seattle style music snob.