Going Green

On this show we explore “going green.” Apparently everyone in Seattle is aware of what “going green” means. Not a shocker and actually good news, but I expected someone to be lagging.

We interviewed awesome people

We interviewed Phil Thompson from the Bullitt Center, Tina Kendall from the City of Shoreline, Ed from http://earthcraftservices.com, Matt Isaac from SU and many more.

Is Eco-Friendy Unmanly?

I don’t know, but Matt Isaac has research saying men find it’s unmanly without realizing it. What’s the answer? Maybe changing the way we market to people, especially men. Read more about this study here.

Green or Gross

We played a game, created by KC, to test our green knowledge and we basically failed. Stop smirking about that point. I may test your skills when KC sends me the information.

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