Eli Voigt – Host

EliEli has an extensive background in radio as an on-air personality for 9 years in various radio formats including country music, classic rock, 80’s and Top-40. Originally from New Orleans (Who Dat!), she also worked behind the mic as a producer for a high school prep football show, back-up producer for a morning show in New Orleans (Walton and Johnson) and producer for the New Orlean’s Zepher’s baseball show. Eli eventually made her way to Seattle looking for a little snowboarding and lots of change. She landed a job at CBS Radio as an on-air personality and eventually moved into a role as Digital Media Manager for CBS Seattle. In 2008 Eli left CBS and started a career in the non-profit sector, Seattle University and now works as the Senior Digital Marketing Manager.

Chad & Eli have been friends since 2001, when they worked at CBS together. Eli brings an adventurous spirit to the team as a lifetime learner, balancing Chad’s scientific background with a no-nonsense perspective.

The Good Life?

Eli can find happiness sipping coffee, running, playing with her kids and creating artwork. Eli, her two kids, two cats and husband live in Shoreline. She is curious by nature, a klutz by sheer genetics and is always ready to learn something new and teach her kids along the way.