Electronic Cigarettes

What is it

It’s an electronic atomization cigarette that functions as a substitute for terminating smoking or a device that turns nicotinated propylene glycol solution to vapor. This liquid is also knows as e-liquid, or e-juice. You can add various additives like flavors and colors and various nicotine concentrations. The list of additives is endless.

What are the issues

Since this is fairly new, it was invented in 2002 by a Chinese pharmacist, not much is known about the long term effects.

Other issues include:

  • Are they healthier and safer than tobacco
  • Is there any danger of second hand inhalation
  • How much nicotine does it deliver
  • Are e-cigarettes on the rise for younger generations
  • Are they dangerous
  • Can they really help people quit smoking

Chad and I will be interviewing a variety of people, smokers, vapors, and non-smokers to get their take on e-cigs. We might even conduct a little experiment to see what is actually exhaled after vaping.

Audio soon to come….