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In this episode we covered drone technology and did an interview with Kongsberg about their AUV’s (autonomous underwater vehicles), this led to an additional interview with Foundry10 where we talked with kids making their own drones. This group is amazing.

I (Eli) attempted to cover the history of drones quickly. For more details, please check out links below:

The history of drones in 9 minutes.
Here’s an in depth look at the history of drones and a nice chart on the phases of drone technology.
An infographic on drone laws.

Chad makes drones

Yes we even interviewed Chad about his current company Chordata Quads, which are FPV racing drones that are light, fast and can be expanded to sense the world and react...

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And finally Electronic Waste is Done….Woot

Welcome to our third show on Community Science Radio.

On this episode we explore the ever growing issue with electronic waste. Listen as we attempt to make sense of this complicated issue while also conducting our own undercover stakeout.

This was probably the hardest show we’ve put together so far. We could probably do a handful of shows on this topic due to issues and complexities surrounding it.

What is Electronic Waste

Electronic waste is the ever growing issue with waste in regards to electronic gadgets and equipment. Every year, every month new products/electronics are released making older electronics obsolete which then becomes waste. Our consumer nature and need for the newest electronic device has caused an electronic explosion.

Why should we care

Electronic waste contains toxic ...

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